Nomination Categories

The deadline for nominations for the 2016
Annual Women of Distinction Awards Gala
is up. Thank you for your nominations!

Nominations are now CLOSED!

The categories for nominations are:

Visionary (Courage)

The Visionary Award recognizes the woman with a courageous spirit, imagination, insight and boldness. She is an agent of change who sees the big picture and thinks of others first. She inspires people to achieve higher goals by modeling a clear vision, empowering relationships and supporting innovative actions.

Leadership (Confidence)

The Leadership Award honors the woman with confidence in herself, others and the successes she inspires. She leverages her achievements and business acumen to facilitate change and create opportunities. The winner of this award demonstrates respect for and engagement with her community, clients and colleagues.

Lifetime Achievement (Character)

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the woman who has demonstrated a lifelong dedication to making the world a better place through service to her community. She consistently and clearly embodies the Girl Scout Law: honesty, responsibility, fairness, friendliness, resourcefulness, helpfulness, consideration of others and respect for herself and others.

Community Impact (Change)

The Community Impact Award honors the woman who identified a significant community need or issue. She acted as a catalyst for meaningful change, dedicating her time and resources to champion her cause, while engaging others to join the effort. She is recognized as a source of strength and heart in her community.

Shining Star (Capable)

This award recognizes an outstanding young woman between the ages of 18 and 29, who is respected for her leadership, achievements and contributions to her school, workplace or community. She is a positive influence on her peers, demonstrating perseverance, maturity, innovation and compassion as she makes her mark.